Modern MyNEU

Chrome-extension that completely overhauls the deisgn of Northeastern's student portal

Modern MyNEU is a fully functional Google Chrome extension, available in the webstore, that completely redesigns Northeastern University's outdated and ill-designed MyNEU portal. Originally designed as a weekend project, this extension has evolved into a widely-used application across campus, inspiring both students and administration at Northeastern to support the reconstruction of a new, user-friendly portal.

Old login pageOld login pageNew login page that cycles 20 different backgrounds from all around
        campusNew login page that cycles 20 different backgrounds from all around campus

Large amounts of features and reimplementations of the old site have been added to the extension. A freshly designed login portal allows users to take advantage of password storage apps where the old site would prevent. A search bar that narrows down specific widgets within the portal has also been added. Enhanced drop-down menus add to the capabilities that the vanilla site is unable to provide.

Old Self-Service pageOld "Self-Service" pageNew Self-Service pageNew "Self-Service" page

Since the plugin is still in beta stages, new features are getting added that will allow users to customize layouts and themes from within the options pop-out. Everything down to the individual colors of elements and the ability to export custom preferences will give users the full control they desire from MyNEU.

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