Bonne Vie Café

Streamlined cafe web-page mockup.

Bonne Vie Café began as a mockup design made for a college student. He had very little requirements, other than to satisfy a number of sections. When he came to me, I knew just how to build the perfect site.

Stylesheet and index side-by-sideStylesheet and index side-by-side

I started by designing a wireframe and various slides in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. The customer instantly fell in love and we went from there. I built the site from scratch using various amounts of PHP and Javascript to handle contact/review forms and table reservations. Everything else was made using HTML and CSS.

Preview of the download sectionPreview of the reservation section

Users can book a reservation in just a few clicks. I utilized Zapla's table management API to allow potential restaurant-goers to see what number of tables are available. Users could also view a number of informative canvases that displayed restaurant location and contact details.

Background photo